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      About Granite Countertops Merrillville

      Beautiful modern kitchen design, kitchen faucet and kitchen decor, gray marble kitchen island

      At Granite Indiana, we provide tasteful and high quality countertops for the Merrillville neighborhood in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. This includes quartz countertops, marble countertops, stone countertops, and granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. Our contractors work hard to give you stylish and durable countertops for your Merrillville home. All of our materials are carefully picked to ensure the success of the project. We aim for long lasting and robust kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops that you can enjoy every day for years to come.

      Aside from countertops, you can trust us to design and construct excellent fireplaces, vanity tops, and other furniture with a wide array of our materials. For specific designs you have in mind, consult us and we will let you know how we can make it work. Our seasoned contractors have the expertise and skills to custom design unique and beautiful granite kitchen countertops and marble bathroom countertops for your place in Merrillville. Rest assured our workmanship can achieve projects that meet your standards and design preferences. We aim to go beyond your expectations. For excellent stone kitchen countertops in Merrillville, contact us today!

      Beautiful modern kitchen design, kitchen faucet and kitchen decor, gray marble kitchen island

      Our Wide Material Selection of Stone Countertops Merrillville


      Granite Countertops

      Our granite bathroom countertops in Merrillville are a popular choice among our clients in the local area. You can also choose this material for your kitchen, giving the whole space a clean and sophisticated design. Granite is known for its robust characteristic, so rest assured your granite bathroom, kitchen, or fireplace will stay stylish and stable for years to come.


      Quartz Countertops

      Looking for affordable countertops in Merrillville? Then our quartz kitchen countertops or quartz bathroom countertops are perfect for your residential property. It is conveniently low maintenance so you can do more of what you enjoy without worrying about the cleaning part. Let us know if you have specific requests so we can incorporate them into the design. Call us today!


      Marble Countertops

      Our marble kitchen countertops in Merrillville are great for achieving that simple yet refined interior. Our marble countertops are scratch proof, elegant, and sustainable for long time use. You can achieve any design you want with our marble material and excellent skills. Give us a call today and we can inspect your kitchen as soon as possible for reasonable estimates.

      What Makes Stone Countertops Merrillville Unique in the Industry

      Comprehensive Consultation

      We provide thorough consultation that includes a comprehensive estimate for the whole project, whether you want stone bathroom countertops or granite kitchen countertops in Merrillville.

      Friendly Customer Service

      On top of providing your home with premium kitchen or bathroom countertops, our team consists of friendly staff that can help you with your concerns.

      High Quality Materials

      Whether you want a quartz kitchen countertop or marble kitchen countertop, you can trust our contractors to achieve the design of your dreams using high quality materials.

      Affordable Prices

      We make sure our clients can afford our countertops as a part of their home improvement. Let us know your preferred design and we will make it happen for you.

      Years of Experience

      We take pride in our years of experience in the business which allows us to design and create exceptional countertops for homes in Merrillville.

      Clean Workplace

      Trust us to clean up well after completing the project. This can put you at ease knowing we take care of everything like your home is ours.

      Gallery of Our Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops Merrillville

      What Residents Say About Granite Countertops Merrillville

      The crew did a fantastic job with my quartz countertops. It was just like the way I preferred. They accomplished all my specific requests and did everything professionally. I recommend them to other homeowners in the local area!

      user Hugo Walker

      I wanted granite bathroom countertops to finish off my home renovation. It was the perfect finish to my home improvement! And I was right - I couldn’t ask for a better team to handle this project. Kudos!

      user Daniel Spearow

      For my small guest bathroom, I opted for stone bathroom countertops in Merrillville to posh up the tiny space. The contractors did a decent job. The bathroom looks more spacious and elegant, yet I didn’t have to spend a fortune. Well done!

      user Alex Brian

      Looking at different quartz kitchen countertops in Merrillville made me wish we had one. Now that my husband and I finally have our own place, we get to decorate it however we like. The crew did a splendid job with my countertop. It was absolutely stunning and robust! Thanks!

      user Toni McHawk



      Ask for a Quote

      Get in touch with us to ask for our quote per material. Our estimated quote would depend on your chosen stone countertops Merrillville, cut size, and design pattern. You will be guided by our contractors in making the right decisions.


      Accept Our Quote

      We will discuss the work included in our estimated quotation and charge according to the tasks required. Feel free to let us know if you have questions or clarifications about our quotes. We are happy to explain everything to you.


      Determine Details With Us

      We respect every client’s unique design vision, so we strive for flexible services. Whether you are aiming for bathroom countertops Merrillville or kitchen countertops Merrillville, our contractors have a reliable work ethic to get the job done. Contact us today.


      Enjoy Your New Countertop

      Our countertops are designed for long-lasting use and exceptional durability. We will combine your creative ideas with our expertise to design the best marble countertops or granite countertops Merrillville possible. Give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh upgrade.